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Our Services

Product Development & Prototyping. 

If you have a product concept you would like to develop further, we can work with you to project manage your plastic injection moulded product from concept to completion, using our expertise to deliver a robust design solution for you.


We offer a number of prototype options that are available to you to help validate the form, fit and function of your future injection moulded part design. If “speed to market” is your concern, often times a prototyping method can be the interim solution.  


Whether you need 3 or 3,000 parts, allow us the opportunity to consult with you and we will recommend the best prototyping process for your needs. 

In-house Toolmaking.

We know that you have to start with high quality tooling to produce exceptional plastic parts. Our in-house capabilities reflect many years of experience providing solutions that meet and exceed customer requirements.


Our toolmakers create products for a wide range of applications in all major industries, including retail display, food and beverage, animal products, medical, electrical, plumbing and much more. Customers use our tooling solutions to produce high quality, high cosmetic, flash-free components.


Injection Moulding.

Injection Moulding is used to create many things we use in our everyday life. For example, wire spools, packaging, toys, ornaments, bottle caps, machinery parts, automotive parts and most plastic products available today.


Injection Moulding is the most common way to manufacture parts and ideal for producing high volumes of the same object. The process is simply the injection of hot liquid plastic into a cold metal mould (tool/die). Upon cooling, the plastic solidifies in the mould and forms the required hard plastic product.


Our mould shop features 25 world class machines ranging from 15 to 850 tonne and we use a range of resins including: ABS, ASA, Acetal, Acrylic, High Density PE, HIPS, Low Density PE, Noryl, Nylon, PBT, Polycarbonate, PC/ABS Alloy, PET, PVC, Flexible, PVC, Rigid, Polypropylene and TPE.

Product Packaging.

We are able to provide packaging solutions for every part, and working together with fantastic suppliers, we can ensure that your product remains perfect during packing, dispatch and when your order is in transit to you.


We can arrange specific carton sizes, bags, foam inserts or pouches, and air bags, packed into 10's-100's-1,000's, individually wrapped parts in plastic bags, component assembly, printing and labelling, you name it - we can do it!

Recycle & Reuse.

We use majority virgin raw material, although we remain proactive to reduce our waste.


Products that are rejected due to poor quality, defect or off-colour are granulated and this material is reused where possible, to mould other proprietary products that are suitable for 'regrind' material.

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